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You Can't Make Him See Your Value

Ladies, you can’t make a man see your value.  You cannot make anyone see what they can’t see or refuse to see.  By working for the attention and love of an individual you will lose more and more of yourself because you will start doing things that goes against your standards and better judgement.   You should never fight for the attention of any guy.  We call these types of women “pick me” girls.  These are the women that will do anything to gain and keep the attention of a man. 

What women do not understand is that some men can recognize your strong desire to be loved therefore he takes advantage of this. He knows you are ‘performing’ in hopes he will see that you are the one for him.  But, you do not need to prove to him that you are the one.  Believe me after a few conversations and dates a guy already knows if you are “wifey.”

Ladies, please also understand a man is studying you and if you are being disloyal to yourself to please him, there is no way he can and will trust that you won’t be disloyal to him.  As woman this is where we must think like a man.  Men are looking for loyalty and confidence in his woman.  He needs to know he can trust you out here in these streets.  Many women believe that men think like us but they DO NOT. 

Can I tell you a little secret?  You are the one who is actually choosing the guy.  The guy is only presenting himself to you in hopes you will say yes.  Yes, to giving him your phone number, going out on a date, and sleeping with him.  The problem is many women feel they are being chosen by the man and is feeling excited about it.  No ma’am!  Your job is to choose this man based on your standards and what you are looking for in a guy. Only if he has what you are looking for in a guy then you allow him into your space.

Allow me to say this too, STOP GOING AFTER LOOKS ONLY!!!  This is where many of our sisters are getting sucked in relationships that are detrimental.  Just because he looks good doesn’t mean he is good.  Let me say that again, JUST BECAUSE HE LOOKS GOOD, DOESN’T MEAN HE IS GOOD!

Now let me clarify, when I use the word man/men but this does not fit all of men.  There are two types of men; the first is what I like to call a ‘man-man’ and then there is the ‘little boy’ in a man’s body; this is the one many woman find themselves with.  But you will only know which one you are entertaining when the little girl in you has healed.  If you are attracting these low-class men (little boys in a man’s body), check how you are presenting yourself.  Always be mindful of your standards (i.e. loyal, trustworthy, and compassionate) and if he does not live up to them DO NOT be afraid to walk away.  You will only be doing yourself harm by staying. Aren’t you tired of your heart being broken? 

Kenya Taylor

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