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Pullers vs Pushers

As I get ready to embark on a new journey, God began to deal with me regarding the people I will need to assist me in reaching my destination.  This will be so unfamiliar to me, therefore, I am going to need certain people to help make sure I arrive.

He began to tell me that I will need two types of people, 'Pushers' and 'Pullers'.  He explained to me the difference and why they both are necessary. 

Pushers are your friends and family members.  They are the ones who encourages you to go after your dreams.  They are the ones you initially shared your aspirations with.  They encourage you to go for it and is even willing to help support.  However, they do not have the ability to equip you with the knowledge or experience necessary to reach your goal.   

Others are Pullers.  Pullers are the ones who can equip you for the shift or the change.  They help shift your mindset to bring your thinking up, so you can start functioning on that new level.  But they are not your friends. Their purpose is not to build a friendship although they are friendly.  But if you are willing to listen and learn, they have no problem sharing their expertise.  

Sometimes we get the two confused. We want Pushers to give us knowledge or what they think, hoping it will be the right answer.  Then we expect our Pullers to be there to encourage us and always remind us of why we started.  For me in this season, it is important I know the difference.  There will be times when I want people to stay long-term and they are just simply there to impart wisdom and leave.  

It is defiantly a good idea to identify these people in your circle.  My mom is defiantly my Pusher!! And I am already apart of an amazing female-entrepreneur networking group called, CEO Chicks, who are my Pullers.  Both go hand and hand.  I don't think I would have even reached this far without all of these woman being a vital part of my life.  



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