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I Don't Smell Like Smoke

I serve a God that will allow you to walk thru the 🔥but not smell like smoke 💨. The blessing is in how we go thru the fire. Not becoming bitter, growing in grace, while allowing the fire to purge us from those unwanted things. In the fire you want to let go of your faith, thinking life and God is unfair. -
However something happens, you begin to look in the mirror and realized you are not the same person who went in the fire. You are more nicer, calmer, forgiving, loving, and wiser. Could this be the reason for the 🔥? God using it to change you inwardly? God is both intentional and loving. The bible is full of stories of storms and how God used the enemy to get His people in position. -
I'm much wiser now. I'm maturing. I'm growing in God and I  it. Now I can say as the older saints would say, I wouldn't take nothing away from my journey💪🏾

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