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Whew chiilllllleee!!!  I had to do a hard RESET. 

Reset - cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

Some of you may have wondered, what happened to her boutique? Well, you are getting it from the source.  There were a few adjustments I needed to make, not just physical but mostly internal adjustments.  I had to spend time getting acquainted with myself all over again.  I moved to Georgia three years ago, and I did not know it would require a new me!

This experience has been fun; however, there were sometimes I did not think I would make it.  Now that I am on the other side, I have a clearer understanding of my purpose.  Also, now I can serve you ladies on a different level.  Assisting you ladies with making yourselves look and feel fabulous is only half the reason why I opened the boutique. 

We will be relaunching the boutique in July!  We will bring back our unique selection with a sensual signature and if you are in the area you will be able to shop in our showroom.  Keep an eye out on the launch date email. 

Thank you for continue support.  I look forward with help keeping you ladies looking classy and fabulous!

Kenya T.

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